I have given all that I have
To achieve a sense of regret
All of my desire
Lost in a fierce cold sweat

Now your smile is void of concern
That I’m fading into the wall
Unnoticed wounds
Wait for disgrace to fall

You have taken more than we have
And your madness aims to suppress
All of your increase
Is a facade of success

Now the earth weeps from the victims
And we’re coming out of the walls
Unnoticed crowds
Cannot believe they are small

When all is done
Forsaken hopes will be set free
Halcyon is all that we will hear
Before we run
We will carry through despair
Halcyon is all that we will see


Open my eyes to forgery
I’m lost in the haze
Slander and lofty stories
The night tells the day
My back is sore from all the bites
Fables and myths
Spare me the cons and insight
Don’t lie to me

Resolve and support disappear
I just saw you here
Open my core and scrutinize
You can’t hide your eyes
Exit this mess and fade away
I still must stay
I wish you’d just let me be
Please don’t leave me

Why do we hate like we do?
Why do we kill like we do?
Destroying the shunned and forgotten
Hear the rocks scream

You're The Only One

I keep moving on and I find
That you’ll take me back again
Holding on to my pride
But your arms are open wide

I long to be changed but I’m not
I’m crying out again
Do you hear? Show me how
I am so lonely now

You’re the only one who understands me
You’re the only one who sees me as I am
I will worship you with all of my strength
When I’m weak, your love is all I see

I long to be changed but I’m not
I’m crying out again
Are you there? Show me how
I’m all alone right now

They said I should have been so different
But did you?
They said they knew the best thing for me
What did they know?

You said I am wonderfully made
You love me
You said I have a purpose for you
We’ll let them see

Beautiful Despair

Secrets torn apart
Discovered by the summer’s gentle touch
Coincidence? Mistake?
I know this much
Where are you then? Where were you now?
Drifting through the trees on broken dreams
Misplacing hope; losing sleep
Deprived of screams

Hopeless sentiment
Mutilates my face with pain and tears
Embrace despair
Holding death

All of my life
Aching and crushed
Melts in you
Teach me to dream
Help me to love
Free me to fly

Dancing with fear
Running with doubt
Abandon reserve
Teach me to dream
Help me to love
Free me to fly

Embrace The Brave

Watch your step
The ground is too far below; you might fall
Hear them now
The object is out of your reach; you’ll fail

Bind yourself
Reluctance has stolen your breath and nerve
Dare to run
Open the window and fly tonight

You are more than they believe
Just let them scream
It’s your turn to dream
You are brave
Walk on the wind
Conquer the myth
Embrace the brave

I know there are tears
Swelling behind your eyes
And I know you’ve been hurt
You have been written off
I know it cut deep
There is blood everywhere
And I know you can’t see
You are desperate and scared
Give me your hand
I will carry you there
Leave this place far behind
You can embrace the brave


But for now I'll be quiet